Cape St. Claire
Fall 2019

Skills Development

Player Registration: Cape Basketball FALL 2019

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Cape Basketball Fall 2019 Information

Welcome to Cape Basketball! After starting spring basketball this year with our first team, for the first time Cape Basketball will sponsor FALL basketball starting in September 2019! Boys & Girls teams ages 8-13. Teams will play in the HYBA Howard County Friday Night Basketball League. This is for Broadneck Peninsula hoops lovers! This is for FULL teams that already exist or ones that coaches or parents want to hand pick. Yes, you can hand pick/recruit players of your choice, no evaluations! You will be provided with Cape Basketball uniforms, basketballs and practice time at Cape Elementary School during the week. If you currently play or coach at another organization no this of course doesn't commit you to Cape Basketball in the winter. Registration is open at Each individual player will register here and the coach will need to contact me to submit full roster and discuss practices etc. Pratices will start first week of September 2019 and games start the first Friday night in September. If you are looking for your child to step it up in hoops, this is for you! After the success of Broadneck Basketball this past winter we are looking to step up our game with Fall, Winter & Spring leagues, running clinics and sponsoring tournaments. Thank you! For further questions call/text hoops commissioner Ron Keyes at 410-703-4415 or email

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