Cape St. Claire
Fall 2020


Individual &
Team Building
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Player Registration: Cape Soccer Fall 2020

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Cape Soccer FAQ

County Soccer FAQ...

1. When does the season start, and when are games played?
- The County is still working out the schedule, but as it stands right now, the fall season the week after Labor Day. Games are typically played on Saturday's (there will be some doubleheader weekends necessitating Sunday games). 12U games are played Friday nights just as in the spring.

2. When will I know what team I am on, who my coach is, and what days/times we will have practices?

- Practices will tentatively start in early to mid August. Practice days/times are at coaches' discretion,
and your player(s) can expect to practice two times/week.

3. Are uniforms included in the registration fees?
-Yes! Each player will receive a jersey, shorts, and socks. The registration page will have an option to provide the necessary sizes for shorts & jerseys. Please note that shin guards and cleats are required to practice and play.

4. What does all of this 11U, 12U, etc. business mean? How is my child placed on a team?
Placement is done by birth year and registering with your child's birthdate will place them in the correct age group.

5. What if I have other questions that may not have been addressed here?
You can always email the Cape Soccer Commissioner at

Coach Registration

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