Cape St. Claire
Spring 2020


Individual &
Team Building
Skill Development


Player Registration: Cape Soccer Spring 2020

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Welcome to Cape Spring Soccer!

County Soccer FAQ...

1. When does the season start, and when are games played?
- Games start the weekend of 3/20, and most games are 
  played on Sunday's however, 12U games are played Friday 

2. When will I know what team I am on, who my coach is, and what days/times we will have practices?
 - Practices will tentatively start around the week of March 
  2nd or 9th. Practice days/times are at coaches' discretion, 
  and your player(s) can expect to practice two times/week.

3.  Are uniforms included in the registration fees?
 -Yes! Each player will receive a jersey, shorts, and socks. The registration page will have an option to provide the necessary sizes for shorts & jerseys. Please note that shin guards and cleats are required to practice and play.

4. What does all of this 11U, 12U, etc. business mean? How is my child placed on a team?
Placement is done by birth year and registering with your child's' birthdate will place them in the correct age group.

5. What if I have other questions that may not have been addressed here?
You can always email the Cape Soccer Commissioner at

Coach Registration

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